Our Toddler Community offers:

# Care for toddlers 18 months to 3 years

# LOW adult to child ratio

# Prepared Montessori environment for social & emotional development

# Authentic Montessori Curriculum

# Minimal Chemical Exposure

The Little Village School acknowledges that leaving your child in care of others is not an easy decision and we strive to provide a feeling of safety, comfort, and community for your child.   You can go about your day with full confidence that your child is being cared for, loved and educated while in our care.


Movement, sensory perception, language, and order...

The Toddler Community is a spacious environment to encourage freedom and movement.  Through movement and exploration the child is exposed to the broader world and engages in interactive play, where words become tools to communicate needs and wants.

According to Dr. Maria Montessori’s sensitive period hypothesis, children go through various sensitive periods when they are particularly receptive to certain stimuli.  They are often referred to as developmental milestones or windows of opportunities.  During this time, the Toddler concentrates mainly on one aspect of his environment and excludes everything else.

Toddlers experience sensitivity to order from birth but peaks at 18 months to about 2.5 years of age.  During this period, the innate need for consistency and repetition is a key component to the growth and development of a toddler.   Temper tantrums are typically an exaggerated reaction to disruptions in routines.  The Toddler environment at The Little Village School is therefore carefully ordered with a place for everything, established ground rules as well as introduction and implementation of grace & courtesies.

In the Toddler Environment ...

You will notice children working intently on various work and activities designed for their overall development.  In this environment, Toddlers learn to care of self, care for environment, foster gross- and fine-motor skills which lay foundation for pre-academic learning.  The dynamic social and linguistic experiences immerse the toddler into a world of communication and love of learning.

Language development is crucial at this age. Toddler community teachers offer many lessons involving language and encourage them to use their words to communicate their needs and feelings.  Teachers also introduce feelings chart to help children understand different emotions.

At this age, children will participate in “community circle time”, time where children will come together to review the calendar, sing songs, and read stories as a group.   Children will also be offered lessons of practical life, pre-reading, pre-math and various other skills.   Children will take part in classroom duties such as table setting, watering the plants, simple clean-up exercises to master care of self and their environment.

Another major area of focus in the Toddler Community is toilet training.   The teacher and parents will partner to determine when the child shows readiness to begin the process.

The Toddler community will have an opportunity to participate in Arts, Physical education and Music once a week.  Periodically children will be included in safe cooking activities, science and other sports activities.

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