Our Infant Community offers:

# Care for infants 6 weeks- 18 months

# 1:4 trained adult to child ratio

# Safe and welcoming environment for nursing mothers

# Minimal chemical exposure

# Authentic Montessori Curriculum

# Restrain-free environment (no playpens or walkers) to allow independent movement

Before you know it, the infant is on their feet, sits independently at the height appropriate wooden table enjoying their self-served snack.  The infant has learned purposeful movement, crawl and walk with confidence and ready for new milestones.

Children under the age of one are free to sleep when they are tired and eat when they are hungry.   Around age one, the teacher will begin to work with parents to get the child on a regular eating schedule and ensure one nap per day to prepare the child for the Toddler Community.


Infant Community

At The Little Village School, our Infant Communities provide a peaceful, loving, and a home-like environment which meets the developmental needs of an infant. In our infant environment, we provide care for infants 6 weeks to 18 months of age.

According to Dr. Maria Montessori’s sensitive period hypothesis, children go through various sensitive periods when they are particularly receptive to certain stimuli.  They are often referred to as developmental milestones or windows of opportunities.  During this time, the infant concentrates mainly on one aspect of his environment and excludes everything else.

Infancy is a great time for sensitivity to long lasting relationships, music, art, social graces, and much more.   During this critical period, we strive to provide a rich environment with a belief that the brain will develop a longer lasting and strong ability to accomplish new skills and development milestones.

The Little Village School acknowledges that leaving your infant in care of others is not an easy decision and we strive to provide a feeling of safety, comfort, and community for your child.   You can go about your day with full confidence that your child is being cared for, loved and educated while in our care.


In Our Infant Environment...

You will find well placed organic cotton mats which serve as work mats for infants.  These cushioned mats are safe place to lay and interact with mobile or the wall mirror.  Infants mats are designed for movement, wiggles and giggles.  These mats can be moved around in different areas of the well-designed infant environment to indulge the young absorbent mind.

In the environment, you will find a safety mirror mounted low to meet the gaze of your young infant during tummy-time, feeling his muscle strengthen with each body movement.   Brain formation occurs when the child admires his own facial expressions and creating synapses.

A carved long wooden bar is mounted in the wall mirror to encourage the child to learn to stand and begin taking their first step.  Through the concentration and security of the bar infant strengthens leg muscles, gains sense of balance, and grows with mastery of movement.

Enchanting, simple art work is well placed around the room at the infants eye level.  Our selection of books, pictures and décor is based on scientific research to meet the needs of growing young minds.

As the infant begins to master their work, they begin to roll over, crawl and sit.   Crawling babies move quickly.   Our height appropriate shelves offer developmentally appropriate work like rotating objects, mystery baskets, blocks etc. to encourage movement and enriched interaction without over stimulation.

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