Our Primary Community offers:

# Care of children 3 years – 6 years

# Authentic Montessori Education

# Prepared environment to instill life-long learning

# Integrated Kindergarten Program

# Critical Thinking & Gifted & Talented Prep

The Primary community is designed to provide an enriched environment for the developing 3-6 year students.  The environment invites students to explore and develop their natural curiosity and instill love of life-long learning.

The Little Village School acknowledges that leaving your child in care of others is not an easy decision and we strive to provide a feeling of safety, comfort, and community for your child.   You can go about your day with full confidence that your child is being cared for, loved and educated while in our care.

Children ages 3-5 experience sensitivity to language, reading and writing.  At the age of 3 children demonstrate immense sensitivity to prenatal influences on language and are capable of speaking 2-3 word sentences.  Sensitive period on learning how to write is from 3.5-4.5 years of age and can be enhanced by using the pre-writing works using concrete language material.  At the age between 4.5- 5.5 years of age child is most sensitive to reading.  Through a strong writing foundation, your child is prepared to leap into reading.  The Primary environment at The Little Village School is therefore carefully ordered with a place for everything with established ground rules as well as introduction and implementation of grace & courtesies.


Upon observing the Primary Environment ...

You will notice children working intently on various work and activities designed for their overall development.  In this environment, Primary community children begin to concentrate and learn from four main areas;  The Practical Life Exercise, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics.

The Practical Life Exercise like hand washing, working with dressing frames, tying laces, pouring etc. all lead to independence and self-confidence.  The Sensorial introduces children to tactile, visual and thermic work aiding them to understand the world around them.  Sensorial material also includes study of planets, continents, land and water forms for an in-depth understanding of the world around us.  Mathematics is introduced to children through concrete math work along with work from Sensorial and Practical life areas.  Introduction to counting, number quantification, decimal system, time, money etc. are introduced through concrete work is introduced to children as they show interest and capability.

Language acquisition is a core component of the Primary classroom.  Language materials such as classification of plants and animals, vertebrates and invertebrates, living and non-living etc. lead the child to use rich language and acquire the use of new vocabulary.  Written language is also developed during their time in the Primary classroom.  Children engage their tactile senses in tracing letters made from sandpaper and use the alphabet box for practicing phonetic sounds leading them to master the letter recognition and phonetic awareness.   This awareness allows children to leap into reading and comprehension with great confidence.

The "Leadership Year" ...

At this age, children will participate in “community circle time”, time where children will come together to review the calendar, sing songs, and read stories as a group. Children will also be offered lessons on science, geography, language, social studies and more. Children will take part in classroom duties such as table setting, watering the plants, simple clean-up exercises to master care of self and their environment.

The Primary community will have an opportunity to participate in Arts, Physical Education and Music once a week. Periodically children will be included in safe cooking activities, science and other sports activities.

The third year of Montessori also known as the Leadership Year, is designed for children ages 5-6 years of age. Children who are part of The Little Village School will be integrated in Kindergarten and will continue their learning both in and outside of the Primary classroom space. The five and six-year-old Kindergartners are capable and comfortable for more complex work in mathematics, language, geography, science etc. during the year and are ready for the Elementary years. During the Kindergarten year, children make the transition from mostly concrete material supported learning to an abstract research based learning. During this phase, children naturally gravitate towards leadership roles within the classroom which leads to a heightened sense of responsibility, self-confidence and self-worth.

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