Enrichment Experience

The Little Village School offers an all-inclusive enrichment experience opportunity for the student community.

Students enjoy the following Enrichment Experiences throughout the year.

Music Education:  Each week students will enjoy “Education through Music” curriculum lead by a certified and experienced instructor.   Education Through Music is the study of artful teaching and the process of learning through song and play.   Our students begin their music experience by learning the rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony etc..  The classes expose children to Spanish, social skills, sequencing, spatial sense and more.   Children also learn to use many musical instruments like drum, xylophone, castanets and more.   During our holiday events the students will have the opportunity to showcase their newly acquired talents.

Art Education:  There is no doubt that art is fun for children but art also helps children develop on many fundamental levels.  Creativity, academic success, motor skills, focus, collaboration are just some of the great benefits of a good Art Education experience.  Each month we focus on an Artist such as Pablo Picasso and their art style, formats and famous painting.   Inspired by these learnings our students step into the shoes of these famous artists and create their own masterpiece, which will be showcased in our annual art exhibit.

Physical Education (P.E.):  Movement is essential to learning as it as it integrates and organizes full brain activation and opens doors to successful learning.   Our structured P.E. class led by professional coaches begins with warm-ups, followed by training time where students receive instruction on a new skill as well as work on something they’ve already learnt.   P.E. classes also offer a social component as student’s learn about team-work, sportsmanship, empathy etc.

Science:  Almost everything we do in our day-to-day activity incorporates some science.   Children are naturally curious about everything and it’s an excellent time to get them involved in science.   Our science work serves as an extension to our current curriculum to further enhance their learnings and build a connection with science.


“It is impossible to educate the mind without involving the body. Learning is thinking and movement integrated.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

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