Elementary After School Environment…

The Elementary After School environment is a spacious environment to encourage freedom and movement.  Our After School care offers an academically engaging and enriched curriculum to students from the neighboring Elementary Schools as an after school care program. Upon arriving to The Little Village School, students will be offered a snack and will be able to relax and unwind before beginning their afternoon work. They will then have individual work time to complete their school homework or will be offered supervised computer access to complete their work.   We offer all enrolled students ages 5 years and up access to an award winning reading and comprehension development program.   Students will also be able to explore different interest through age appropriate work areas such as Science Experiments, Art Education, outdoor play and music.

The Little Village School acknowledges that leaving your child in care of others is not an easy decision and we strive to provide a feeling of safety, comfort, and community for your child.



We offer transportation before and after school from neighboring Elementary schools for students enrolled in our After School program. Please call our office for list of schools and availability.


Holiday Camps:

In addition to after-school care, The Little Village School offers full-day holiday camps during parent-teacher conference days, staff development days, summer, winter, spring breaks year-around. For availability and schedule please contact our office. 

Second Plane of Development ...

Children enter the second plane of development at the age of 6 and remain in the plane till age of 12.  At this age children begin to show interest in others and develop a more global sense of awareness.  Children have a very strong sense of justice and perceived fairness at this age and need good role models and values during this time to support their formation during the pre-teen years.  Between ages 6 and 12 children experience great growth spurts physically and mentally.   During this sensitive period our experienced educators take advantage of this enthusiasm to guide them to explore new interests and passion.

Our Elementary After School students participate in Reflection Circle in which they are introduced to numerous concepts like Mindfulness, Care of Self, Care of Environment, Character Building, Self- Reflection, Gardening, Leadership Skills, Public Speaking and more.  We believe an After School program should be an enriched environment where each child feels a sense of belonging within The Little Village School community.

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